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In order for me to guide you as I should,  I need each of you to get your weekly report by Wednesday noon.   This may not seem important to you, however it helps me to know where you stand and how I can help you move forward. Click Here for the FORM
Even doing your weekly report will help you to move forward.  As you type up your report it will make you aware of:
         *what you have already accomplished (Congratulations)
         *what you said you were going to do and failed to move forward with
         *gives you another glance at the organizations you're working with
         *reminds you of follow-up necessary to move these groups forward
         *embarrasses you into doing something great to report.
                (I just added that one in there)
         *It's a good discipline practice.
Even if we're only taking baby steps, as long as we are moving forward, I'm happy.  This weekly report is a giant baby step.  Make it work for you.


Here is a clip about that I found on a Non-profit website. Note the only bump on that's a pretty huge bump.  _Will is a virtual mall! It has everything the mall has without the screaming kids! iGive has 141 stores that donate anywhere from .5 to 15% of your purchase to PAWS. Plus, if you are a new member to iGive, your first purchase nets us an extra $10! A small sampling of the stores include: etoys, J.Crew, Gardenstore, American Greetings,, Hammacher Schlemmer,, Auto Accessory, The Baby Center,,,, JC Penney, Microwarehouse & LandsEnd. The only bump on iGive is that since the stores operate independent of iGive, once you place an order & receive a receipt back from the store; you MUST forward that receipt over to iGive so we can receive proper credit for your purchase.

The Great news is that OTF takes care of this automatically for each organization.

You can use this letter when you contact the leads. Ginny sent this, so you can be confident it says it all. Click Here to view the letter.



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