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Use when you contact the leads.

Subject Line:  Are you making great money with

Hello ____________,

My research has revealed you have an online shopping presence for ____________ (org name) through    They are a fine organization that has, in a sense, paved the way in the world of Online Giving.  However, I believe they fall short of what could be
done to create as much revenue as possible for ______________. 

My research reveals that has only generated $______ of dollars for you during 2004.  Utilizing the knowledge I have of your supporter database I have calculated you should actually be generating close to $ ________ per year.  All at NO COST to _____________.

One-Time Fundraising, Inc. (OTF) , the organization I represent as a Fundraising Consultant can make that figure a reality for you.

I will begin by referring to something sent this week to our entire company by our One-Time Fundraising creator and CEO.

"As I was developing this concept - doing research on what already existed - I was struck over and over with the fact that passive malls simply do not work.  When I speak of passive, I mean Online Buying Clubs that are simply links from an organization's website.  If a supporter happens to stumbleacross the link, then clicks on it, they may buy something.  If not, oh well.  There are enough "stumblers" to make money for the company providing the mall but never enough to make much money for the organization.  In a very real sense, the Online Mall company is "using" the organization's supporters to make money, while too often the organization is simply grateful for what little comes their way."

Beyond that, let me share what a comparison between IGive and OTF will reveal:

1. OTF has over 1200 stores - has 538 stores -

2. OTF provides its clients their own personalized Online Mall or Buying Club, complete with their own logo, BIO, etc.  ANY supporter can go to your organization’s Mall and shop without joining, though we will ask them to add their name and email to YOUR database so personalized emails can be sent to them. requires your supporters to go to the IGive website and "join" in order to shop.

I have created a mock-up of what the _____________ Online Mall could look like.  You can see it by going to: (be sure to click on the "about" link)

3. Instead of simply creating a passive link for _________  to place somewhere on its site, you are going to be given a team of Fundraising Specialists who will create, then send out, weekly marketing emails to your database, leading your supporters to
your personal Online Mall. Our specialists will work closely with designated people at _______________ to create emails customized and personalized for your supporters. I can send you an example if you wish.

You may be wondering how I calculated the anticipated income for _______ that I mentioned earlier in this letter.    Our experience shows us that only 20% of a 10,000 member email database creating only $20 per month profit in your Mall will create $240,000 a year to the organization.   My understanding is that your organization has a database of ___________.   If it is actually larger, feel free to calculate the numbers yourself.

The real beauty of the OTF program is that you will have a powerful team of OTF Specialists - as well as the ongoing efforts of corporate OTF - actively and aggressively
partnering with you to promote and create massive funding for ___________ through your Online Mall.

Our success is fully dependent upon your success.  The numbers and service speak for themselves.  There really is no comparison. With the OTF Mall, we will substantially increase the revenue you are currently receiving.

I will be calling you soon to gather some information to help me prepare a customized proposal.  Of course, the proposal, as do all of our services, come at no cost to your

I would also like to invite you to visit the OTF website to find out more about how our program can help you.  Just go to:  I look forward to speaking with you soon.




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